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We publish Investment Ideas that are generated by the Enigma Investment Radar Regular. We cover asset allocation, equity regions, sectors, industries, stocks, currencies and commodities. All the Investment Ideas are backed up with the data-driven reasons (fundamental value and/or market trends).

Model Portfolios

We provide equity-only and multi-asset Model Portfolios which can be used by clients as a framework for implementing their own portfolios, using their own choice of stocks and funds. Alternatively, we can advise on the selection of Exchange Traded Funds to implement Model Portfolios.

Recent Investment Research Highlights

Asset allocation

Our models gave major warning signs of overvaluation in Equity markets in October 2021 which triggered a reduction in Equity allocations. These warning signs were confirmed by the downwards Price trends and loss of Equity momentum in early 2022, which caused Equity allocations to be reduced further. Our models have avoided the weak Bond markets due to negative real yields and poor momentum, although some areas are now looking oversold.

Regional equity selection

Overweight UK Equities since January 2022 as it finally started to outperform after several years of underperformance. Still underweight the US which is struggling mainly due to its high Technology weighting.

Sector selection

Our Global Sector model has remained in defensive sectors such as Energy, Healthcare, Utilities & Consumer Staples. We have been underweight the Growth sectors all year. Some of the poor performing Global Sectors such as Communication Services and Consumer Discretionary Sectors are looking relatively oversold and might start to provide opportunities. Still very underweight Technology.


Have been long US Dollar and short the weak Yen. However the US Dollar is looking very extended and Yen is now extremely cheap although no major signals to change yet. Sterling weakness looks overdone. 

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